a set of hearing aids being fitted on a patient

Are Hearing Aid Fittings Necessary?

If you have recently had a hearing test, your audiologist may have invited you to a hearing aid fitting.  The purpose of the hearing aid fitting is to set up your new hearing aids and show you how to care for them correctly. Many people wonder whether they really need a hearing aid fitting or […]

a display of different hearing aid styles

What are the Best Hearing Aid Features?

If you are trying to decide which hearing aid is going to be best for you, then something you need to look at are the features. Each hearing aid will have slightly different features to the others on the market, and it is up to you to decide what you need based on your individual […]

a woman receiving a hearing examination

Top FAQs About Hearing Tests

If you’re considering taking a hearing test from your audiologist, it’s only natural that you might have some questions. There are plenty that they’re used to hearing, too. Here are just some of the most common, and the answers that you might be seeking. When should I have a hearing test? If you’re experiencing any […]

a man holding two hearing aids under a magnifying glass

How to Preserve Hearing Aid Batteries

As a hearing aid user, we know that battery life and hearing aid battery preservation is important to you. So, it’s understandable that you would want the best information about how to care for your batteries, preserve battery life, and troubleshoot problems.  The great thing about hearing aid batteries is that they are fairly easy […]

a professional audiologist with her staff

How Can an Audiologist Help You?

Audiologists are primarily associated with the treatment of hearing loss, hearing aid fitting and management. However, while it is true that audiologists do manage hearing health, the number of conditions and the ways in which they can help you are far more expansive – as we have outlined in more detail below.  Hearing health concerns  […]

a woman experiencing slight ear discomfort

4 FAQs About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is one of the most common health complaints in modern society, with between 10% and 20% of all Americans suffering from the condition to some level. If you believe that you are one of them, you must get the issue checked ASAP. Before seeing an audiologist, though, it’s important to educate yourself on the […]

a hearing specialist is showing her patient an array of hearing aids

How Can You Pick the Best Hearing Aids?

If you have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, your thoughts will immediately turn to selecting your hearing aids. Wanting the best hearing aid for your hearing loss is natural, but there are many things to consider when making this decision. Unfortunately, there is no singular best hearing aid that is the perfect fit for […]

an audiologist is performing a hearing aid fitting

What Happens During a Hearing Aid Fitting?

Hearing aid fittings are designed to ensure you get the best auditory experience from your hearing devices. Whether you’re using in-canal hearing aids, in-ear devices or behind-the-ear fittings, your audiologist will use your hearing aid fitting to make sure you’re getting the most from your equipment. If you’ve never had a hearing aid fitting before […]