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What to Ask Your Audiologist About Hearing Tests

Whether you suspect that you are dealing with hearing loss, or you just wish to invest in a routine hearing checkup, your audiologist can help you. When conducted promptly, hearing tests can help detect the early signs of hearing loss, prevent the worsening of existing conditions, highlight underlying health issues and restore your quality of […]

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Taking a Look at ITC Hearing Aids

In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid sit just inside your ear canal for a less visible style of hearing device. The working parts are contained inside a tiny case that will either fit partially or fully into the ear canal, meaning only a small portion of the hearing aid is actually shown. ITC hearing aids are a […]

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Understanding Your Hearing Loss Diagnosis

From time to time, we can all experience a minor dulling of our senses due to stress. In addition, having a virus during this time of year can affect your capacity to taste and smell in the same way you normally would, and becoming older can decrease your ability to react to and feel particular […]

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Debunking Ear Protection Myths

The hearing system is not well understood in general, and they are several myths that have grown up around ear protection. Some myths state that ear protection causes ear infections or that ears can toughen up against noise. Read on to separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to ear protection. Ear Protection […]

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4 Facts About Audiologists

Audiologists test and assess the hearing quality and health of individuals. Their work helps people manage their hearing better and improve their quality of life. The ear is a much more complex structure than people realize, so seeking support from someone who has specific knowledge and experience in the field can be extremely beneficial to […]

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Questions to Ask Your Hearing Provider About Hearing Devices

Hearing loss is a confusing time, with those experiencing it having multiple questions. These aren’t focused solely on the condition itself. If you’ve found yourself in this position, you could have questions about hearing aids for your audiologist. Speaking with them and knowing what to ask your hearing healthcare provider about hearing devices is essential […]

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3 Things to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

If your doctor has told you that you could benefit from wearing hearing aids, the next step is to schedule a fitting with an audiologist. Here are three things to expect at your fitting. 1. You’ll Get a Hearing Test You won’t be able to have an accurate fitting without first taking a hearing test. […]

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Can Hearing Protection Prevent Tinnitus?

Your ears are one of the most important senses, you rely on them each day to hear everything around you. They have many different components that all work together to ensure you hear sounds and noises. An amazing fact about your ears is that they are always working, even when you are asleep. You can’t […]

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Why Should You Update Your Hearing Aids?

Your hearing aids have served you well over the years, but it might be time to update them. If you’ve had them for more than five years, they’re getting to the point where an upgrade is due. Speak to a hearing health professional about this, and they can help you find the best new hearing […]

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What Do You Need to Know About Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is the inability to hear sounds completely or partially. Despite the fact that hearing loss is common, it can often be a hidden condition that is frequently misinterpreted by those around you. People who have hearing loss may become frustrated because they find it hard to follow conversations, have difficulty talking on the […]