“I had experienced the feeling of hearing through earmuffs for years. Other doctors could not find out what was causing my problem. Dr. Frey found the reason and corrected it with hearing aids.”


“This afternoon I had my year-end appointment with my Doctor of Audiology, Linda G. Hartman of Hearing and Ear Care Center in Lebanon. I can’t believe how I fought against buying hearing aids! In talking to others I found they were not satisfied with the aids they bought from other hearing centers and some even kept them in their dresser drawers and didn’t even bother to wear them!

I can honestly say I didn’t talk to anyone who was happy with their aids until I had a discussion with a neighbor who was so satisfied with the ones she purchased from Dr. Hartman. She even went ahead and made an appointment for me because she knew I would benefit by seeing Dr. Hartman. So off I went to the Hearing and Ear Care Center in Lebanon!

Dr. Hartman was very caring and patient in explaining the hearing tests and answered all the questions I had. I felt I could call her at anytime and she would always make herself available. That day was the beginning of my new hearing world! In the year that I purchased them, there was not one time that I became frustrated because I couldn’t hear conversations or didn’t know what was going on around me! Even background noises do not interfere with my hearing abilities. And I must add this – my new hearing is worth every dollar spent on my aids!”

Marie Austin, Manheim, PA

“I have had buzzing in my ears for years. Dr. Deborah corrected it with hearing aids. I do not have the buzzing while wearing the hearing aids.”


“I would like to thank you for the excellent care and professional help you gave me over the years before I left Mt. Gretna. It has taken a whole battery of professionals to provide the level of care you had me accustomed to, and I also regret losing the enjoyable conversations that were always a part of my visits to the office. I am comfortable with the new providers, but there is not the same one-on-one feeling, which I miss.”

T. Meredith, Honey Brook, PA

“It’s nice being able to hear out of both ears again.”


“In November of 2014, my wife told me I needed to get my hearing checked. She used to say I had selective hearing but she was sincere about it. A friend at work suggested Hearing & Ear Care Center in Mount Joy. I thought if I went to a place that sold hearing aids that I would be pressured into getting hearing aids whether I needed them or not. I finally decided to go, and to my surprise there was no pressure and Deborah Frey couldn’t have been more helpful and professional about my hearing loss. I did get hearing aids and a whole new life of hearing again. I would highly recommend Hearing & Ear Care Center and Deborah Frey for your hearing needs.”

George Moyer

“Dr. Debbie,

Just a few words to thank you for all you have done to help me solve my hearing problems.

You have more than gone above and beyond, in an effort to help me hear better and enjoy using my hearing aids.

Your knowledge and aid have really been a godsend to me.

I can’t thank you enough.”

Joe B.

“I have been going to the Hearing & Ear Care Center for several years.

Dr. Debbie Frey has been extremely helpful and pleasant; she’s always ready to help with any problems regarding hearing healthcare needs in a minimum amount of time.

I highly recommend Dr. Frey’s friendly and professional care to everyone.”

Mary W.

“Some time after leaving Hearing and Ear Care Center in Mount Joy and Dr. Debbie Frey, I was not satisfied with my new company. I decided to go back to Dr. Frey not knowing whether I would be welcomed back. It was as though I never left. She did everything possible to correct the hearing aids, including calling the company, etc. She was as kind and friendly as before. I was very satisfied, and I will never leave Hearing and Ear Care Center again.”


“Working with Debbie to get my new hearing aids was such a blessing. She took the time to really listen about my hearing issues in addition to my financial needs in purchasing hearing aids. She has always been available for any of my needs that arise and has become a trusted friend.”

Mary Beth